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Valta Starter Kit

$149.00 (as of April 9, 2018, 8:01 pm)

Standby Power Detection
Easily customizable
Intuitive Design

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Energy Management Simplified

The Valta Starter Kit Includes:
  • 1 Valta-Hub
  • 2 Valta Automated Sockets
  • 1 Power Adaptor for the Valta-Hub
  • 1 Ethernet Cable
  • Free Valta Cloud Account
  • Free iPhone App & Web App

Never fail to remember to turn off your devices again

Valta is a remote energy management system that can detect unused devices, identify energy waste, and notify you that will help you save. Connecting Valta to a home router permits you to check and Keep an eye on connected devices on an iPhone or laptop anywhere or anytime. The Valta interface will also provide connected devices’ energy usage data, that will help you make more informed energy decisions.

Valta allows users the ability to turn on/off all connected devices from a smartphone. Additionally, Valta can detect unused devices and send notifications to your smartphone, if unused devices have been left on in the home.

Tasks that are repetitive in nature may also be accomplished easier with Valta&aposs scene setting functionality. The Valta app has three setting options to make the connected devices in your house work around your day.

  • Schedule: Schedule your device to turn on when you wish to have it to.
  • Timer: Come to a decision how long you wish to have your device to be turned on for. Want to go to sleep paying attention to music? Schedule your stereo to be on for only the next hour, go to sleep, and the system will turn the stereo off for you.
  • Grouping: Keep an eye on more than one devices with the touch of a button. You have many remote controls for your home entertainment system. Group them in our app, and turn them all off with touch of one button as you leave the room.

Make Informed Energy Decisions

Valta takes the guesswork out of energy efficiency by letting you take note how Each and every device adds up to your energy bill. The system goes beyond total consumption and shows you how much energy is used against how much is wasted. Availability to this information assist you to make better energy decisions. You&aposll be able to also customize the display value in kWh or dollars by inputting your local electric rates.

Orange Button

Valta&aposs auto detection system helps you identify energy waste. When a device is found to be wasting energy, e.g. standby power, the “Orange Button” appears to alert you of the status, and prompt you to action against the device.

Valta observes your energy usage for a time period in order that it can make personalized recommendations to you that will help you save. Valta also comes with a friendly interface to easily display how you are working towards your energy management goals and encourage users to use best energy practices. Learn the way your devices consume energy on a monthly and weekly basis, or You&aposll be able to drill down to day by day and hourly information. Your day by day, weekly, and once a year information is stored on the Valta cloud server in order that it may be easily get right of entry to from your smartphone wherever you are.

Created with Users in Mind

The Valta starter kit comes with everything you want to set up. Simply download the Valta app from the iTunes store, and the app will walk you through a simple set-up process, and the system will be capable of use. Valta is scalable. Each and every one of our Keep an eye on hubs can improve up to 16 sockets. Additional sockets will be to be had to be purchased through Amazon soon. Additional sockets and hubs allow users to gain a larger area of Keep an eye on, and any Valta account can improve an unlimited amount of Valta hubs.

Technical Specifications


  • iPhone App is compatible with any iPhone 4S and later. Android version will be to be had soon.
  • Web App is compatible with most modern web browsers that improve JavaScript and Cookies.


  • Socket Standard – NEMA 5-15 (3-pronged electrical outlet)
  • Electrical rating – 120V/ 15A/ 60Hz/ 1800W
  • Power consumption – 0.6w (min.)/ 1.1 watt (max.)
  • Communication – ISM (industrial scientific and medical) frequency band
  • High resolution chipset to measure standby power
  • Size – (W) 38.0mm x (H) 79.3mm x (D) 35.0mm
  • Certification – ETL/ cETL and FCC / IC certified

Valta Hub:

  • Input power – DC [email protected]
  • Power consumption – 1.0 watt (min.)/ 1.75 watt (max.)
  • Communication – ISM (industrially scientific and medical) frequency band with minimum 100M point-to-point signal range
  • Feature – Pair up to 16 sockets
  • Size – (W) 92.8mm x (H) 98.3mm x (D) 24.3mm
  • Certification – ETL/ cETL and FCC / IC certified


  • A single Valta Hub can keep in touch with up to 16 sockets
  • Additional sockets and Valta Hub will be that can be purchased

Standby Power Detection
Easily customizable
Intuitive Design
All the time in Sync
Great Connectivity

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